Non-Game Projects (Drupal, Hubspot)

This national curriculum site serves 500k visitors/year. It allows teachers, administrators, and other educational professionals to learn about teaching engineering at the elementary level and to learn about our suite of free/paid curricula and supporting resources. I’ve been working on this website since 2014.

  • Webmaster: Oversees content creation, revisions, re-organizations.
  • Redesign Manager: Leads re-architecture/redesign project. Liaises with OHO Interactive, internal stakeholders, and designers in agile process. Oversees site-wide content revision.
  • Marketer: Manages implementation of Hubspot marketing platform with 50k subscriber list. Coordinates with Communications team to send out large mailings, blog posts, and Smart workflows.
  • Developer: Codes mobile responsive Hubspot landing page templates, new email templates, and a new blog template (working with designers and from scratch)

Current Site home page home page

Ongoing Redesign

New global navigation
New global navigation


EiE Digital Storybook Platform (Heroku)

This in-development, browser-based platform will serve 140k educators by providing them with a customizable storybook experience to extend their teaching of the Engineering is Elementary curriculum. For this curriculum’s companion storybooks, this platform will offer abridged versions, translations, text-to-speech read-alouds, accessibility options, interactive pop-outs, a digital glossary, and teacher-to-student sharing functionality. I’ve been working with the development team for this platform since 2016.

  • Technical Coordinator: Oversees integration of platform with existing online presence. Facilitates connection between storybook platform and POS system.
  • Designer: Created mock-ups, wireframes, and designs for functionality of platform. Conducted market research to determine needs and best practices. Works with developers to fine-tune UX, UI, and brand adherence.
  • Pilot Coordinator: Coordinates beta tests. Observes platform use in classrooms. Aids in creation of bug reporting functionality and feedback forms.
  • QA: Finds and reports bugs in cross-platform usability tests.
2-page reading view with accessibility drop-down
2-page reading view with accessibility drop-down


Messages from the Duo and Technology Flashcards
(Xcode, iOS)

These two apps are designed to support and extend Engineering is Elementary curriculum products. Technology Flashcards is a self-quiz game that challenges users’ definition of technology. Messages from the Duo is an interactive audio player that plays audio messages to set the context for the engineering activities. I’ve been working with these apps since 2014.

  • QA: Tests new versions of the apps before launch to catch bugs and ensure accuracy.
  • Content Creator: Records, edits, and verifies audio messages in Messages from the Duo.
  • Technical Coordinator: Works with external developers and internal IT team to ensure up-to-date developer licenses and brand adherence.



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